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Holly's Jolly Christmas
Changeling Press

Twas the week before Christmas and all is not well in Holly's house, she has no man and her traditional family considers an unattached woman in her thirties, not successful nor happy. Holly of course is perfectly content to live her life, though more sex would not be a bad thing. She dreads returning to her home town for the holidays. And despite resorting to extreme subterfuge in the past, this year she is going to face la familia alone. Be brave Holly, very brave.

In a moment of last minute panic at the airport Holly makes a wish and Santa grants it in the form of Captain Rudolph and his flight crew. They abscound with Holly to the isolated town of North Poule where Christmas is not just celebrated but reverred and the mistletoe isn't just for kissing under.

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Girls' Night Out

An outrageous bet combined with three roommates of finicky yet diverse tastes, means life will never be the same. Love comes calling at the least expected time and life goes crazy when the girls find all bets are off and their future is nothing like they'd planned, in any way, shape or form.

Now available in Paperback or ebook


Nature of the Beast II-The Good, the Bad & the Evil

Carol's daughter is different. Born from a bizarre encounter in the woods, Alaina seems almost normal....almost. Until she opens a door to Hell that results in her father coming to take her away. And just who is the father? A demon or a Guardian, one of the feared Old Ones or something else? And what exactly is Alaina's power? The answers all lead to danger and Carol vows to protect her daughter whatever the cost. And the price is high. A visit to Hell and facing a nightmare from the past, which this time will be the end to life as she knows it.

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Possession Obsession

Chloe Carlyle had gone through high school worshipping Sam Brandenburg. He was everything she ever wanted in a man. Now he is known as Slade Brandt the rock star and she is still just Chloe Carlyle, the art major trapped in a dead end career, leading tours at the local museum. Men like Slade seldom give women of Chloe’s size and looks a second glance, none the less fall in love with them. It just isn’t in the cards. But all that changes when Chloe inherits a trunk of lingerie from her late Great Aunt Antonia.

From the moment Chloe tries on the sexy garb her life changes in ways she could never have imagined and Slade is top on her lists of goals. But the inheritance comes with its own catch and Chloe finds herself a femme fatale. She wants one man but what the hell to do with the potent power that attracts others like bee to honey?

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Walk on the Wild Side
Contemporary erotica, mild BDSM - from www.EllorasCave.com

Rocktree Country Club promises to change the lives of its members...whether they are prepared or not.

Paula Murphy joins on a whim. Vaughn Carenter out of boredom. Both come from bad marriages and have had their hearts stomped to pieces. Paula knows her age is a drawback, but a younger man fits her style. Rocktree will get them together by hook or by crook, fate or manipulation.

Don Forester is a schmuck. His wife Cathy knows her marriage is dull but what can she do? She lacks the imagination to spark her marriage and bring Don back to the man she married twenty years ago. Rocktree holds the answer.

April and Nick's marriage was on the skids until they discovered Rocktree. Now they want to share the wealth with their neighbors, willing or not.

Join Rocktree...it's quirky, fantasy fun, often hilarious, but always scintillating and promises a Walk on the Wild Side.

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Contemporary paranormal erotica - available from www.EllorasCave.com

Ancient in bloodline, the Felidaen have learned to blend with modern society. Half cat, half human, occasionally a Felidaen comes along who can't quite seem to stay out of trouble.

Tabitha Fenwick knows better but her cat curiosity gets the better of her. She wants what the humans have when it comes to love and sex and she wants it with the powerful Brenton Calder. Not one to take no for an answer Tabitha resorts to magical potions and lust spells to get her man.

Now available in Paperback or ebook. Also available at www.Amazon.com and www.Borders.com in paperback.

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Nature of the Beast: Hellgate
Erotic Horror - available from www.ChangelingPress.com

Three groups of women required by their new employer to attend a survival camp find more than they ever imagined in the dark forest. One of the gates of Hell has opened and both good and evil are loose in the woods. They have one thing in common...the need to breed.


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The Phallus from Dallas
Comedy-Parody co-written with Samantha Winston - available from www.EllorasCave.com

Mitch the champion rodeo rider has a huge problem--his equipment is large...really large. Hannah Hunt has had her eye on Mitch for a long while. This is the year she promises to make Mitch in all his glory hers and hers alone.

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